EZoFlash Willem programmer using Kicad

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This is a build of the EZoFlash DIY parallel port programmer hardware (one of the many "Willem"-like or "Willem"-compatible or "Willem"-derived devices).

I created the schematics and PCB layout from scratch (based on the EZoFlash4v5 schematics) in the open-source Kicad EDA tool (GPL, version 2). The schematics files and PCB layout files are hereby released into the public domain. Do whatever you want with them.







Bill of materials

Qty Device Footprint Value Refdes Mouser Comments
1 ST BAT41 DO-35 100V D10 0.54€ Schottky diode. Datasheet.
1 ST L7805ACV TO-220 5V IC10 0.63€ 5V linear voltage regulator. Datasheet.
1 3mm LED (green) T-1 D1 0.066€
1 3mm LED (yellow) T-1 D3 0.066€
1 3mm LED (red) T-1 D5 0.066€
1 TI SN74HC244 PDIP-20 IC5 0.454€ Octal buffer and line-driver, tri-state. Datasheet

PCB manufacturing


List of Willem-like devices

There are many, many parallel port programmer devices based on, or derived from, the original "Willem" devices in various PCB revisions.

There is a huge gallery of known devices at ezoflash.com, together with a list of their names/origin (also: updated list) as far as it's known.

Pretty much all variants are not compatible wrt their adapters and partly also wrt to features and layout and software and chip support, it seems.