Motorola C140

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This page contains some information about the Motorola C140 cellphone.

The internal name of the hardware is E86.

Note: Photos also available in my respective flickr set.


  • GSM 900 / GSM 1800 dual-band
  • 101 x 47,8 x 21,9 mm, 80 grams
  • 920mAh Li-Ion battery
  • TI Calypso/Iota/Rita chipset


GSM Chipset:

  • DBB: TI Calypso Baseband, D751749ZHH model (Calypso Lite G2), includes 256kBytes of internal SRAM
  • ABB: TI TWL3025BZ
  • RF: TRF6151CJ
  • RF PA: SKY77325-12

Flash / SRAM:

  • Intel (RD38F)1010C0ZTLO
    • Stacked-CSP Flash Stacked Memory (32MBit flash, 4MBit SRAM, Advanced Boot Block Flash Memory, 3.0V I/O, Top Blocking)


  • Toppoly TD014THEA3 (1.4 inch LCD, 96 x 64, 64K colors)
  • Controller: Unknown (integrated?)

Test points:

  • Test points surrounding Iota:
  • Test points surrounding Calypso:
  • Test points accessible from battery compartment: